There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Lead

I recently asked a room full of agents—from brand-new to those with 30 years of experience—the following question: Are leads an issue? The answer was surprising. While the overwhelming response pointed to the fact that getting leads isn’t an issue, I was surprised to hear it from such a majority considering the diversity of agents…

Systems for sale! Get Your Systems Here!

Does the title of this article resonate with you? How often do you open your email and find someone trying to sell you yet another new system? I get several of these emails every single day, and I’m sure you do, too. There’s one system for tracking leads, one for communicating with leads, a different one for nurturing and analyzing leads, one for your calendar, your cars maintenance, the mileage on your car, another for your payroll, and yet another for controlling the temperature in your office or home. You name it, and there’s a system for it.

The Value Of Leadership

I’ve spoken many times about leadership and what it means to each person individually —as it does, in fact, mean different things to different people. While it’s a broad definition, you could say that you’re a leader if your thoughts, words or actions have an effect on another person. You can even argue that leaders are either born or created. The fact is, each of these statements is true. Leadership starts with you. You leading you. You’re a project, and so am I. Now let’s be perfectly honest with ourselves.