For nearly three decades Rick has been guiding real estate companies and teams to superior agent attraction, agent recruiting, agent retention, and systems surrounding all 3.

The ABC’s Of Success

Get Back To The Basics !
  • Determine if you have mastered the necessary foundational basics to success in your mind and in your business.
  • Where are your blind spots? How do you “see” them?
  • In these 3 hours, come get answers to questions you didn’t know to ask. The quality of your questions determine the quality of your life…..

Recruiting And Retention And Agent Attraction…

  • Systematize recruiting
  • Systematize retention
  • How to be the leader that attracts quality agents

Leadership At The Next Level

  • Why working on “YOU” is the biggest and most important job
  • He who feels he leads and has no followers is only taking a walk!!
  • Why the most influential leadership involves being a great follower

Being A Top Listing Agent Will Change Your Real Estate Life, Forever!

  • Even if you already list a ton of homes, how do I become a more accomplished lister
  • What are basic and sustainable ways to get more listings
  • How to use your calendar to help you become a top listing agent

Selling Different People Differently

This session is all about understanding generations and personality types, and caring enough about your clients to change the way you communicate with them to make the interaction more comfortable and profitable. Each attendee will receive a FREE DISC profile test. Through his masterful communication, Rick Geha explores how to identify different personality types as well as how to communicate with them. Fast, fun, and entertaining content that will leave every attendee with new information and knowledge they can apply to all of their personal and business relationships.

Teams, Team Structure, Team Compensation

  • Understanding the why behind building a team
  • What are the systems behind team building
  • The importance of core values on a team

Business Planning Workshop

  • Understanding the value of building a plan every single year and working it
  • Revisiting your plan every month
  • Putting a plan together for execution of the plan

Lead Generation

  • How to get my arms around such a broad subject
  • There’s so many ways to do this lead generation, criteria for deciding what works for me
  • The role of internet leads, buying them, getting them, etc.

F.A.S.T-est Way To Succeed

  • Have you ever learned something at a class, and then could not seem to get it to work in your business?
  • Do you set out to purposefully get things done, and then, magically, nothing gets done?
  • Do you set goals and appear to be ready to reach them, and then, suddenly, you fall short?
  • Is everything in your life EXACTLY the way you want it to be, ideally?

Finish Strong This Year & Beyond!

  • What’s the mindset for finishing the year strong?
  • What is it about me that has me frustrated in the last few months of the year?
  • What’s the difference between me and bigger producers?
  • What’s the most unused resource available to me?

Get the answers to these questions and get several keys to your last 4 months activities and have an amazing STRONG FINISH!