Have A Legendary YEAR- with Rick Geha

PART ONE: “I Am Not A Natural-Born Salesperson”

  • Helping others but avoiding yourself
  • Why mediocrity gets in
  • Peace of mind square
  • Intersection of faith & gratitude
  • Manage your energy

PART TWO: Saying Yes=No, DISC, Possibilities

  • Learning to say no
  • DISC assessment
  • How do we expand our possibilities?

PART THREE: Your Plan for a Legendary YEAR

  • Setting a clear intention
  • What is GCI?
  • Two kinds of expenses
  • How long it takes to get one lead

PART FOUR: The Power of Clear Intentions

  • The law of reflection
  • Be/Do/Have
  • Four major pieces of your business
  • Do you know how you are spending your time?

PART FIVE: Putting It All Together

  • Time-blocking
  • Daily success habits tracker
  • “If you erase, you must replace”
  • 8’s, 9’s, & 10’s
  • The platinum rule

Wisdom with RICKGEHA

Lead yourself FIRST

Your Opinion MATTERS

When and WHY